Issue with Select Item


I am having an issue when selecting an item for a drop down list in IE.

I am passing a variable to select in the drop down list however this isn’t working for every item in the list. It works for some and not for others.

Example of exception error shown below:

“Message : Cannot select item. It was not found among existing items.
TIP: Some combo-boxes delay load items until its dropdown is expanded. Try to simulate a click on control prior to selecting an item.”

Please let me know if you have any suggestions!


What activity are using to select an item from drop down list.

If you are using TypeInto activity then check simulate type property for that.

Lakshman Ganta.

@lakshman I am using the SelectItem activity at the moment


Before the select item, perform a click on select and try to give delay and see how much time it take to open the select items then use select item.

@anil5 I’ll give that a go. Is there a reason why the delay might help?

Hi @ncougan

This issue can resolved by providing some delay between the select activity this happend due the control of select take some time to load on the web page and the activity already executed.

@anil5 @Himanshu.joshi

I have been unable to resolve this with the delay, still getting the same result. I can see the option I want to select below:


When I click the option in the list here it works fine however when I type the same option the error occurs?


Can you help us with the selector of select item, and are you providing the the country name in the select item which you want to select

Was able to fix this one @anil5

The issue was with the space in the string. So United Kingdom would fail because of the space in the middle. I was able to fix this by replacing the space with “*”.

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