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hi @lakshman
i am getting the same error in my date drop down case.
have tried with simulate click, anchor base , select item n all
previously it was working fine with select item itself but not now.
can you suggest any permanent solution.

hope it helps



it was working fine when i wanted 1 day before the current date.
but now i want 13 days before the current date(now its not working)
can u help on this???

@psujatha is it possible type date in that drop down?

put one message box or log message and check the value of date1.tostring

we can’t type.

what is the error you are getting when you are using the select item activity?

tq for reply @syedabidraza
actually the problem is when i m reducing the number more than 10.
its showing error.
below 10 is working fine.
because after reducing more than 10 its going back to previous month.
hope it helps.

you can implement this logic , there may be other work around also…
you should take the month value from date1.tostring and select month also from other drop down (i hope its available there!!)

i didn’t get you @syedabidraza
what i m representing the date and month is like

now can you guide how to create the date as per my situation?

thank you!

for calculating any date , with reference to today’s date …try this -


by doing this ,for example - if you will be having the date which is from November, than Month will also be changed accordingly . so it will be easy for you to select the date from drop down


it worked syed.
tq so much for your quick reply.
can u tell me about month as well because month also gonna change by reducing 13 days from today.

There are two ways here as per my knowledge .

First is after applying above mentioned method , you will be having month as well , so you can do strung manipulation and get the month value .

Second is , you do the same logic to get the month .
Like - Now.adddays(-13).tostring(“MM")

done .
tq again @syedabidraza

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