Failed to install package - NU1101


I have a problem in get the published package from Orchestrator to a folder in Orchestrator, and get the error message as below:

System.Exception: “NU1101: Unable to find package test01. No packages exist with this id in source(s): PackageSourceMapping is enabled, the following source(s) were not considered: Connect,, Local,, Official.”

The package was successfully published to the Orchestrator using the default tenant processes feed;
Under the folder it can be added to the process
The process could be run by an unattended robot
But when another user (with both the Folder Admin and Automation User rights in that folder) log on to his UiPath Assistant, the package could be seen, but when click on Install, it gave the above error.

May I know how to fix this ?

Many thanks.

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have you done any changes recently to the orchestrator?
I have met the same problem cause by update certificate

Thanks for you reply.

The on-premise Orchestrator server is newly installed last week, although in these 2 days we are updating some security patches…

you can contact uipath technical support to solve the problem.