Cannot connect to package feed, the url may be invalid

I have connected the local Robot with the, I have created an environment, have published the project from the Studio but the Orchestrator still cannot see the package. Am I missing something ?
Thanks in advance.

check in the published folder of your local drive. C:\ProgramFiles\UiPath\Packages

Forgot to mention that I am using the Community edition if that makes any difference. I checked the folder \AppData\Local\UiPath\packages
and the folder \AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.2.3\Packages but none of them seems to have anything related to the project I published.

even when you use community edition, you will find the package file in the C:\ProgramFiles(hidden Folder)\UiPath\Packages

If not try to refresh the package page and retry.

If Orchestrator is connected to your Machine then package will go to Orchestrator/Packages directly, it will not be saved locally. You have successfully published the project?

Yes, I get the confirmation message of
“Project published successfully.
Package Name: test
Package Version: 1.0.6773.27208”
but I still cannot find it in the orchestrator

So I was able to find the package at " C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages " but it is not showing up on the online orchestrator.

So, it is fixed by itself (sort of).
I created a new Tenant, connected the robot and now everything seems to work. Thanks for your help.