Issue with Filter Data Table

Hello everyone,

So basically I’m trying to filter through numbers on the data table filter wizard and it’s not working,
i figured out that it needs to be converted to Int32 to be understood by the wizard and that’s where i got stuck.

*tried using an assign activity within for each row before the filter data table and i faced the problem that the filter datatable activity won’t accept an Int32 format.

Can you please help me with that ?

Hi @hady.basiouny,

Please show the DataTable and indicate which column you need to filter. Thanks.

so that’s where the issue is arising
tried to convert to int using CINT(), not working
tried to include the number within “” and write it as 30.00. also not working

now I’m trying an assign activity before the filter activity which is not working as well although i tried like a million code combinations.

Hi @hady.basiouny,

Can you try below code:

dt_filtered = dt_Read2.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(row) Convert.ToInt32(row("Days from Bill")) >= 30).CopyToDataTable

Hi @hady.basiouny,

Please change the value CINT("Days from Bill… to a number. For example, if this is the first column in your DataTable then Column number is 0. If second column in DataTable, then Column number is 1, if third column in DataTable then Column number is 2, etc. Value leave it as 30 when the Operation is checking for number.

Please remember to select Keep on both tabs (Filter Rows and Output Columns)

If above recommendation should fails, you should first create the desired DataTable structure using Build Data Table activity by placing it at the top of the sequence/workflow.

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