Cant filter datatable by number

Hi all

I’m trying to filter a data table column to only show values more than 90, but when I run it, it does not write anything. Some pics below of the filter dt activity I’m using and the column to be filtered (in “general” format)

Any help will be appreciated tks

Its working fine at my side look this example
FilterExcel.xaml (7.5 KB) Test.xlsx (9.0 KB)

If still not getting share your workflow and file

Can’t send my file but I think it’s because it reads the column as text. Is there a way to convert it to int32?

then use for each row
then use assign activity
say row(17)=cint(row(17).tostring)
then use filterdatatable

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I tried doing this and I got this error

ok nvm i realised it only has an error on empty cells. Thanks so much for your help!

Great !

Happy Automation!

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