Filter Data Table not working on numbers (integer or double)

I am unable to filter a dataset that I create by the “ReadCSV” activity. At first I thought the data table converted everything to text and therefore numbers would not work, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case either. Attached is a simplified workflow and csv of what I am using. Can anyone explain to me why the filter data table activity in not performing as anticipated? (242.2 KB)

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Check the input file, I get this error when I open it.

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That is strange, I dont get that error on my end.

Hi Jacob,

Please find the modified workflow where is it working as expected. (101.9 KB)

In the filter data table activity it is not working as expected because you are trying to compare string with and integer. so no comparison is happening and all the data is getting written. And if we make the 2000 value as string comparison(providing as “2000”) it will be looking for exact string value to match hence it is returning empty values.

Hope i answered your question.


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Thanks Sid,
Using a for each row activity to convert to double was a great solution to the problem! Hopefully some day there will be an ability to select a variable type for each column when data is transformed into a datatable.

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