Dynamic input for a selector giving error with the " "++" "

I am trying the sample workflow for dynamic selector giving in the Uipath acadmy for recording the calculator. I have done the dialog and used a message box( output is a variable to get the user input in the dialog box) to debug the output and it was correct. However, it gives an error when i edit it in the selector editing area.


when i run the RPA i found that the selector is changed to this way of writing the two quotes.

and its throwing error while trying to get the calculator button to highlight.
Thanks in advance

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Hi @mozahra
Kindly reload the image buddy
its not showing in my system

Anyhow we need to mention the dynamic selector with wildcard * or with a variable like this
aaname = ’ " + variablename + " '
where variablename is a varaible of type string
i have used aaname , it can be any attribute name
Cheers @mozahra

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For better understanding of Selector. Please watch this videSelectoro… You will get to know how to pass variable to the selector instead of using ++ in selector.

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I would consider this as a bug coz its no way that something like this happens while pressing the dot button of the selector.
Thanks @Manish_Pandey and @Palaniyappan

For more understanding on how to pass variable in selector
kindly have a view on this
been most seen thread in the forum, under this topic

Cheers @mozahra

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