Issue with Dropdown selection

Below screenshot shows ,how the dropdown functionality looks…

Have attached the Console widow screenshot as per selection of dropdown field functionality :

  1. Have located on the “Related authors” dropdown field.

  2. Now clicked on the “Related authors” dropdown field.

3.Selected a element from the appeared dropdown field.

Tried with :
1.Typeinto followed by sendHotkeys.
2.Select activity not working - shows off an error form UiPath.
3. click with dynamic selection of path - when i try with a value located from tool(aaname = ‘Raymond Man’) - i am able to select the option- but when i use like ( aaname = ’ " +row(“RelatedAuthors”).ToString+ " ’ ). i used Writeline activity to ensure value is taking from excel which is fine.

Can someone help me to sort out this issue ?
@HareeshMR @nadim.warsi @Karthick_Settu @PrankurJoshi @Aishwarya28 @dennis
@lakshman @oriolsolani

I want to pass values from the Excel and select the dropdown value.

Hi @karthikeyuan_subrama

Did you tried the following activity -

Karthik Byggari

Yes i tried and this is not supportive.

Can you send me the selector which you said it is working.


Please paste the following string in the target for the click activity -

<html title='Create Articles' /><webctrl tag='LI' aaname='" + row(“RelatedAuthors”).ToString + "' />

Copy exactly the same.
Make sure the string will be in a single line.

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Hey @karthikeyuan_subrama

Select Item Activity will not work on this Type of Uielement.
You can use Click Activity with Simulate property Check to select an item from dropdown list.


I have already tried this. @KarthikByggari

actually i know the solution for this…, imma record the video so u will understand

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cuz a bit weird to explain


@aksh1yadav @KarthikByggari
I tried seems not working.

Hey @karthikeyuan_subrama

edit your selector in property Input box without opening it in a model box. and replace &quote; with "


Can you please share me the video.?
you can use “” to record video and share just the URL.

if we replace &quote; with " wouldn’t we need one more " to close it?

Just a doubt.

we need to close it ’ " +row(“RelatedAuthors”).ToString +" ’

sorry i a bit busy, but the trick is using click image -> indicate to the label first -> then indicate to the combo box -> click ocr

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@aksh1yadav @KarthikByggari
Dude now the excel data is passed via the selector ,but still not able to select the option.

Finally it worked. Thanks @aksh1yadav & @KarthikByggari
I have added a delay to Click and made “Simulate type” Uncheck.

Solution :
< html title=‘Create Articles’ />
< webctrl tag=‘LI’ aaname=’"+row(“RelatedAuthors”).ToString+"’ />


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