Select item from Dropdown with hidden items

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I am trying to select the address from the dropdown list in this page using excel information. But i am not able to click nor select the element. Any idea?

Hi @Duckduck

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Could you provide more information about the element that you struggle with?

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Solution is simple, first you need to click on drop down and then click on the option.
Note: Replace aaname property with your excel variable

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Do I need to have two steps or just use the below one in your image? I tried and changed aaname but it doesn’t select any item.

@Duckduck you have to use 2 click activities. for me it worked fine , If you still face any issue please upload your workflow file

May I know the first activity name?

@Duckduck first activity is a click activity on dropdown menu. working solution is attached
Main.xaml (6.4 KB)

@Arpit_Kesharwani Thanks for the reply. But somehow whenever i open your file my studio pro is not responding :frowning:

I have got it, was missing the tag = ‘LI’

Is it possible to select the item “like” my variable value?

@Duckduck Yes you can choose/create your variable/argument in place aaname attribute value by right clicking

I mean picking the value similar to the variable.

@Duckduck Yes you will be able to choose the option according to your variable but that should be present in the dropdown


If the dropdown box is a form which may contain option with same aaname, is it possible to pick based on the option value in the html?



Hi @Duckduck sorry for the late response but yes it is also possible.