Type into activity with Simulate Click not working

Hello Team,

Type Into activity with Simulate click checked was working fine on 2019.4.3

Suddenly stopped working and error shows “UI_HARDWARE_EVENTS” cannot be used

Please help


Using chrome browser


Could you please check SendWindowMessage property and try once.

That too I tried.It didnt work

Also, when we run from Orchestrator a few activities doesn’t work which was working before from Orchestrator

Hi @Teenu
Which Studio, Orchestrator and Windows version do you have?

Studio 2019.4.3 EE

64 bit windows 7

It was working fine and suddenly stopped identifying a few activities

I have tried changing the resolution to 1080,1920

I am using Launch Interactive workflows

Was any update on project made? Like packages update or something?

No, I didnt’ make any change

Please try to contact with Technical Support. If then will able to help you please post solution here so it will be helpful it the future :slight_smile: