Issue with check app state not waiting for the element to appear

I have a check app state step waiting for an element (and export button that appears after a report has successfully run and rendered) of a web page to appear, and to wait 120 seconds for it to do so. However the step sometimes simply immediately pops a message that it is not available. i click retry and it picks up just fine. Has anybody seen this behavior?

the same task also sometimes seems to “stick” to an element that appears in the same place as the one in the state it’s checking for but moves aside once the report is complete. then instead of clicking the export button that it’s checking for, it clicks this other element which throws an error in the page. to keep it running i have to close the dialog box on the page, and retry the step. Neither is breaking anything, but it is forcing me to babysit the bot way more than i should.

For the target in the property, what type of selectors are you using to do the search of the element? (fuzzy selector,…)

Fuzzy selector is the targeting method for both the anchor and target, there is currently nothing selected under “wait for page load” (i think i saw that as a potential cause in another post on this issue)