Issue with authorization bearer API token

good morning colleagues
I have a problem with HTTP REST authorization. I made the post to get the token.

After getting the token I provide the bearer token in the header (bearer + variable), but it still returns access denied. can anyone tell me if something is wrong with my code

{“fault”:{“code”:900901,“message”:“Invalid Credentials”,“description”:“Access failure for API: /consulta-cnpj-df/v2, version: v2 status: (900901) - Invalid Credentials. Make sure you have given the correct access token”}}

Hi Karina,

Can you please try after removing the keyword “ACCESS_TOKEN” in the Authorization Header ?


Hi @athira.somasekharan

When I remove it, it gives me an error saying that I need to put bearer token Access_token


Can you please show me the properties of your HTTP request where you are passing this authorization token? You can strike out all the sensitive info.


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