Please tell me how to use Bear Token in http request


I don’t have much knowledge about Get/Post, so my questions are sloppy, but I would appreciate your help.
The current logic configuration is as follows.
(The data contained in the variable is randomly created, and the actual data is separate.)

Getting a token from the first http request will proceed normally.
Please refer to the picture below.

Then use the Descriptiveize JSON activity
The token information was included in the jObject variable.

And there is an error in the part where we proceed with the second http request.
I would appreciate it if you could tell me which part I’m typing wrong.
Nothing is entered except the part shown in the screenshot.

The errors that occur are as follows.


Hi @ski_lo

Have you tried to print and check whether the bearer token is populating correct or not?

you can also try like this

  • you can use regex to get the access token for Eg

After getting it pass them in the second HTTP



The problem is with your json string I guess

before curl braces and before square brackets you wont have inverted comma





As I said above, tokens are being delivered normally.

I corrected it according to the method you told me, but the same error is still being printed. In the second http request, can you tell me what values should go into the Headers and Parameters of the option?


Can you tel what is the request about…because depending on that the heqder and body would be there

Did you first try in postman?

Then you xan directly copy paste the curl and import which would help in easy error handling