HTTP Request Activity not working

Hello Community,

I want to fetch data from Client’s server via API. But HTTP Request activity is showing “Authorization denied” error. The same is working when tested on Postman tool.

The authorization is done via Bearer Token. I have passed the same in HTTP Request Activity.

Although I have managed to get the data via script but I want to know why the HTTP activity is not working.

Thank you!


This is happening due to not configured HTTP Request activity.

The Authentication should be Auth2 or Auth1 as per API documentation and pass the bearer token in Access Token.

Ashok :slight_smile:


Try passing like below

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Thank you @ashokkarale for your response. But I have tried this already in the begining.
But it didn’t worked.

@Uthraa_S Infact, I tried putting Authorization instead of Bearer and it worked.

Thank you @Uthraa_S


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