Issue while scraping the data using data scraping option in web browser

Hi Folks,

When i am able to extract data from web browser, i am not able to get the data,
Below is the screen shot,
Can any one let me know the reason why it is showing like this and how can i overcome this issue.

Thanks in advance.

What data are you trying to extract form the page?
Not sure if I have understood your question can you give more info
Pavan H

Hi @pavanh003,

Thanks for your reply,

I have a finance website called quick books, from there i have to extract tabular data which is there in above image, from that website i want to scrape the data, when i’m trying it is showing empty data.

I hope it’s clear

Buddy may be the field might have not got selected, as yours look very obvious that it can be easily obtained even in the second step of scrapping…

Kindly redo the process, like close your studio, reopen again use the data scraping wizard from the design and try once…

Yours is already in tabular, so even in second step when it is asked to take as whole table with their respective cell position, kindly give yes at that time

Sure this will work buddy, you are going good…

Hope this would help you


Hi @Palaniyappan,

I have tried all the possibilities what i know and suggested by you as well,
But the thing is i’m able to extract data from other websites, only from quick books website i’m not able to extract. hope it is clear.


Buddy, @harsha1123
If possible, Can i have the sample url so that i can check what would be the issue

Its very easy as you say and lets sort this out buddy…


I would suggest you to go with data scrapping technique if that doesnot help you scrape the entire page and then conver it to table using generate data table activity.

Let us know if this helps,
Pavan H

Can i get your email ID?

I have this same problem with Quickbooks online. I think it’s because they’re using nested tables in the display and UIPath can’t sort through that. You can get it to extract a single row (which is also a table in the QBO code) but not the whole page. I’m still trying different methods but may need to go to a file extract instead - dump the list from QBO to a file and then pick that up to continue.