Excel format issue - formulas impacted in Destination file


How to copy (original format) of a an excel rows from one excel sheet which always has dynamic number of rows and paste to another excel without changing the source format

I tried with preserve format in Read range activity which is not working - any suggestions .

what is the issue you are facing with preserve format?

Hello @monishanair2010 , Try copy-paste activity to copy all data without any changes in format.
In Property, You can customize the data you need , in CopyItems
Note: Copy / Paste range activity should use in the Excel application scope

Hi @monishanair2010

Try this solution it could be useful for you :

  1. set static excel template with a specific format for all rows
  2. the robot takes the copy from the template to another folder
  3. read the needed table and write it to the copied template

Copy Paste range not working for copy data to another excel sheet

Hello @monishanair2010 , Try the copy paste actvity in Modern excel activities.
Nested Excel scope, you pass the formula from one excel to another excel sheets. Kindly refer this flow, You may got some Idea.
CopypasteFormula.zip (80.4 KB)

Happy Automation

Gokul Jai

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Hi Gokul, I don’t find modern excel activities in manage packages ? am I missing something here, I have studio version of 2020 is that the reason.

1.Click View option on Activity panel
2. Chech the Show modern.
3. Now you can find the modern activities

Yes I did select and below activities only available

@monishanair2010 Check App integration >Excel

And also update your Excel packages

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Thank you Gokul, It worked great :slight_smile:

Happy Automation :smiley:

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