Issue when writing in Excel, value getting changed after writing to excel

Hello All
I have a small query here.
I have one excel in which I have multiple sheets. So from Sheet 1, I am getting a value and I search that value in Sheet 2 and get its corresponding date from Sheet 2 and writes back to Sheet 1 next to the value.
So for few of the rows, when I pick date from Sheet, the date comes in correct format like “31/07/2020” and when I write it back on Sheet 1, instead of coming as date it comes as 44078 (some garbage value). I know the cell format might be wrong so its writing some garbage value.

Please see screen-shot for reference.

I wan to know is there any way where just before writing back to Sheet 1 on a particular cell, I can change the cell format of that particular cell using UiPath.

I am afraid to change the whole column format as that might cause some info to change which I am not sure of as the excel comes from Business team.

Please let me know if there is any valid solution to this.

Happy Learning. :slight_smile:

Just change the whole column format to plain text. that way i think it will accept everything you type as a string and as it is.