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In my Data table date format is “dd/mm/yyyy” but writing data table via excel application scope date format changes from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy.

@Deven_Chhaparwal That is the format that is used by Default when reading a Date form an Excel, It follows that Standard Format, Yes, Of course After Retrieving the Date you can convert it into the Format you need but it will be Stored as a String and not as a Date Object.

If you are facing any problem in such a Scenario, Please Address it .


Date format

this is date format when using workbook write range


This output when using excel application scope.

it is converting date format from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy

@Deven_Chhaparwal Are you performing Any Changes or Just Reading the Excel from one File and Writing it to another ?

just reading the excel from one file and writing it to another.

date format is changed only day<13.

@Deven_Chhaparwal Can you try using Workbook Read Range and Write Range, If that doesn’t matter with your Requirement.

i tried workbook write range it’s show format in dd/mm/yyyy and it is a not date format. it’s format becomes general.

@Deven_Chhaparwal Yes :sweat_smile:, But When I tried using Excel Application Scope , It kept it in the Same Format as that of the input , and the Date was in dd/MM/yyyy format as well.

Can you Show a Screenshot of how you have performed your operation ?

@Deven_Chhaparwal Are you Trying to Copy a File ?

Hi @Deven_Chhaparwal ,

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If the date format is changing means, kindly use the below code to change the date format from one format from another format.


and you can add other format’s as well.

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Hi ajith
I want to change cell format from general to date after writing data to excel via workbook write range.
Manually step as follow:
first go to cell value pressing F2 key and Enter key to change cell format.

Is there any solution vai uipath.

@Deven_Chhaparwal An Alternate Solution what i found would be to keep a Template of the Input Excel, Then Write the Output to that Excel File, keeping the format as is.

Hi @Deven_Chhaparwal,

If you want to keep the format of the cell means you have to create one template file with fixed formats and with column names. Then copy the template file and paste into the output folder by using copy file activity.
then use write range activity to write the data table in the output file.So, It will keep the format.

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