Issue when read headers from outlook mail

Hi Everyone.

I have faced the issue when want to got the received date of the outlook mail as attached pictures.

Anyone have any suggest for this?

Thanks you very much!

Hi @Mr.H

Can you explain where is the issue to find a solution for it

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If you need to get an email receiving date you can try this: MailMessage.DateAsDateTime.ToString(“ddd HH:mm tt”)

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Hi Bro.


I have used “MailMessage.Headers(“Date”).ToString” but it return error: “Message Box: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

Can you share the sequence to check where is the issue

Hello @Mr.H

Usually mailVar.Headers(“Date”) should give you the result. But i doubt in the get mail message activity the email is not received.

Thanks you everyone.

I have downgraded the Uipath.Mail.Activities package and OK

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