Unable to get Outlook email date. item

I am using 1.15.2 version of UiPath.Mail.Activities.

MailMessage.Headers(“Date”).ToString returns blank.

Same syntax works with version 1.12.2

Appreciate help. Thanks

Hi @desai.neel,

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In version 1.12.2, HeaderCollection gives you the following outputs, in the new version only “Uid”, “Message-ID” are given.

HeaderCollection(9) { "Uid", "Message-ID", "Date", "DateCreated", "DateRecieved", "DateReceived", "HtmlBody", "PlainText", "Size" }

I think this situation was noticed, these fields are added again in version 1.16.0-preview.

My suggestion is to stick with the old version until 1.16 is released.


Thanks Muhammed.

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