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with “get outlook mail messages” I read attachements into image.

For every message I write line “item.subject” and “”.
It worked fine until yesterday afternoon. Since then “” is giving error message:

“Write Line: The given mail message does not specify a date.”

Read mails are being still the same.

I would appreciate any help.
Thx and kind regards,

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Hi @VanjaV ,

Can you try item.Headers(“date”)


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Hi, @Krishna_547

it is working now, but the value is empty. Why? Mail has date…

Thx. Vanja

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Hey @VanjaV

Even we are facing the same issue.

So your mail account is a normal user one or it is based on some shared mailbox.


Hi @Nithinkrishna it is kind of shared mailbox.

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Okay @VanjaV

Hence proved, looks like some issue with the package. We got the same error !

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There is a package issue with UiPath.Mail.Activities version 1.14.0-preview and 1.15.0-preview.
Just downgrade package version 1.13.1-preview and it will work fine.


Yep @The_coder

But requesting UiPath team to resolve it.

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