Received date for Outlook message


How to get the received date for outlook message?
I have used get outlook mail message activity and then trying to check the received times in a for each loop. See picture below:


Then I get an error message: “Write Line: The given mail message does not specify a date.”

item.subject works just fine.

Also, where I can find a complete list about all the possible properties for MailMessage variable?
In addition than subject and date.
Thank you.

@Topias_Stromberg1 Try

@Topias_Stromberg1 I have edited please check new one.

Thank you, I was wondering what happened there :smiley: I tried your first suggestion but no luck.
Here with the most recent:


Still no success.

@Topias_Stromberg1 please check mail package is available in your dependency

please change your loop argument It should be System.Net.Mail.Mailmessage
like this

you can see in my side its not giving any error
Main (3).xaml (8.5 KB)
File is attached pleas try this one

Depencies are okay.
Type argument is okay.

When I run your file, the message box is empty.

@Topias_Stromberg1 please check another property like (subject, To) is coming or not

When using your file as mail.Headers(“Subject”), I get empty box again.

In my own with item.Subject I get it correct.

Same with item.To with mine and mail.Headers(“To”) with yours.
Mine results correct but yours empty.

for subject you will use item.Subject because mails headers not contains subject, To, CC, body ect

@Topias_Stromberg1 I have been seen many questions regarding date in forum but there is not any solution and I also never faced this one

Thank you for the help anyways.
Let’s wait if someone else have anything other tips.

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@Topias_Stromberg1 try with another activity maybe you will be able to get date

Could you please specify a bit more. What activity should I use?

get exchange mail messages …but its tricky

here you can see all details