Convert value in excel to correct format

Hi Everyone,

I have a column in a file named Serial Number which is having values like -
1092534, J101KPN4, J1007PEA, 1048E75 this data is in an excel table format.

When I am copying this data to another sheet every value of this Serial Number column is written as it is but values like specific to 1048E75 are automatically converted and written in this form → 1.05E+78 but i want it in the original form only.

Can anyone please help me in this scenario.


i guess you trying to write data by integer type instead of that change it as string
it wont change format

Its in tabular format like excel tables so it is writing it that format only I am not changing format anywhere.


are you using Copy sheet Activity ?

Could you please use one text to column macro

Hi @Dhruvi_Arumugam

Here we go XAML…

Convert value into correct (9.6 KB)

Yes, in the starting

Can you guide on that?

Hi @tkiran,

the attached xaml only contains a read and write range, will this fix the code?

Thanks (2.8 KB)

please check the xaml.

1.please give your path in to excel application scope
2.change the column in the scripts(now i am considering A column)

hi @sahad.kk,

This is not giving the expected output.

Thankyou for your efforts.

Hi @Yoichi @Palaniyappan @ppr @supermanPunch can you people help on this?

Hi @Dhruvi_Arumugam

Have you tried with the Copy paste range in the Modern Excel Activities?



If you use datatable, FormatCells activity might helps you as the following.


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Thankyou everyone for the efforts whereas I figured out a different solution my self.


Hi @Dhruvi_Arumugam ,

We would be glad if you could post the Solution method that was adopted for your query.
Posting the solution method would also help other users who come across the same issue and they would be able to solve their issues faster.

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