Issue on Excel Application Scope Activity


I’m facing issue with Excel Application Scope activity. It is always throwing an exception.
Attaching the sample code, exception messages, access window pop up.

Picture 1 - Sample Code

Picture 2 - On running the workflow, this window appears

Picture 3 - Microsoft Office tries to get installed

Picture 4 - Exception appears while debugging

Picture 5 - Exception Message
EAS_Exception_Msg (1).pdf (28.4 KB)

Picture 2 & Picture 3 appears twice and then the exception occurs and workflow stops running.

System Specification :

Windows 7 Home Premium
64-bit Operating System
Microsoft Office 2010

Uipath - 2019.8.0
Community Edition

.NET Framework Version 4.7.2 or later

Hi @KamakshiK,

Since you are using excel application scope activity, you need to have excel installed on your machine. First make sure that excel is installed properly, then try to run the bot.I forgot to mention, you could use excel workbook activities, instead of excel application scope activities. Thanks @Arvind21 :slight_smile:

Hi @KamakshiK

What @Hawkins said is right. If you want to use Excel Activities even though u haven’t installed MS Office then use
Read Range and Write Range Activities under Workbook.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Hi Hawkins,
I’ve excel already installed in my machine. Also, the excel workbook doesn’t have many of the activities that are under excel application scope.