Issue in UipathRobot.js

I am invoking a process in UiPath Apps, and It was working fine but later (may be after windows update) It was giving an error.

I am getting the code as shown in above snap.
When I clicked on ‘Click here to troubleshoot’, I got this

But to get the Allow Window I need to manual execute the
UiPath.RobotJS.ServiceHost and then I am getting the required window


The main issue is even after clicking on Allow, the window disappear after 10 sec and nothing happening.

Can you please suggest something on this.

@s.swapna8 @Nithinkrishna @Gokul001

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Hi @Gagan_Chaudhari

So you are running the bot in attended mode from apps which is why this popup comes.

Your bot in that machine has valid license I believe?

Also please check event viewer if there is any error logs added…


Thanks for the reply @Nithinkrishna
Yes, I have valid license and Connected to Assistance.
I Ran the process Manually and It’s running perfectly fine but facing the above issue when invoking Process from the Apps.


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Okay great, @Gagan_Chaudhari

Can you please check the Event logs once ?

This will give us some clue !


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