UIPath.BrowserInvocation.RobotAPI Problem

Has anyone ever received this error message: “UIPath.BrowswerInvocation.Robot.API.List…has stopped working”? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the program. I also have restarted several times and nothing is working. The message keeps appearing about every 30 seconds -1 minute.

I just started receiving these notifications as well. Did you find a solution?

In my case, I found a solution. Results that this application was executing every 1-2 minutes. I looked into all the process in the Task Manager and I found (I don’t remember if was in the background processes or in the windows processes) this a process with this name (UIPath.BrowserInvocation…) appearing and disappearing each 1-2 minutes. So then when this process appeared, I right click it quickly and select the “open file location option”. This shows me some files from a previous version of the Uipath (20.10.1). I decided to deleted those files and the problem disappear.

One of the files was named as “uipath.robot js.userhost.exe”. There other was five o six files.

My bot is facing the same issue . this is causing a lot problem in the data entry

I had the same issue, this error appear after I uninstall UIPath.

Solved by disabling task scheduler tasks:

Start > Task Scheduler > Disable [UiPath Robot, and UiPath RobotJS]