UiPath.RobotJS.UserHost.exe forever runnning on Robot machine

Since the last update do 2010.10, my robots machine are getting a lot of "UiPath.RobotJS.UserHost.exe’’ running forever on the task manager:

When trying to kill these process via TaskKill, the following error occurs:

Hi @lucas.stern,
Is it getting like this even after computer restart?

After i restart the computer the process are gone, but it not takes too much to come back again.

@radutzp Please take a look.

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Hey @radutzp , i have faith in you haha



Sorry, I missed the thread. What installer have you used? The .exe (community) or .msi (enterprise)?

Dont worry, I found a temporary solution running the following commenad:

WMIC PROCESS WHERE NAME=“UiPath.RobotJS.UserHost.EXE” call terminate

At least the helped me with the dozen of process.

I installed using the .msi.

Just disable the RobotJS part from the Advanced section of the MSI:

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If I do that, I will lose the funcitonality to Inject Js Script on web pages?
If not, then what this add-on do?

No, you’ll not loose the ability to inject JS on webpages. It will disable RobotJS - our solution for starting processes from web pages About the Robot JavaScript SDK

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