Issue in running bot with Uipath Orchestrator

Hi everyone,

Looking for a solution regarding a query related to the bot which I am unable to run through the orchestrator but able to run through the studio.
When I try to run through the orchestrator it shows an error stating “The workbook does not exist.” Here is the following screenshot which is displayed while running through orchestrator.

Please help me out.

Hi @suma123

For the read range activity, have you given the full file path? Or does it have the partial file path? If it has the partial file path, it might not be able to access the workbook in your system.

Try giving the full file path and publish it again to orchestrator. Update the process again and try running it and see whether it works…

Thank you for your response @Lahiru.Fernando
Yes I have already given the full path but still facing the same issue. Kindly check the below img

Is this the only place that uses this file? Do you have any read range or excel application scope activities that use this activity inside the other workflow you have? May be those activities are causing the error?..

If you are able to run in studio and then we must be for sure in orchestrator as well buddy
Kindly check whether we are running the right process
Or if that still being the right one but throes error then open that workflow in studio and run in debug mode once so that we will get to whether the error is repeating again or not and where it comes

Cheers @suma123

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