Hi, How can I Extract Multiple Line items from invoice. Please check the images below for understanding

As you can see the 1st pdf. I train it for single line. and its working perfect by form extractor and ml. But what happen if there is multiple lines in products.

See 2nd pdf, it has multiple lines, but I train only for single line. So is there any way to extract multiple line of products and I have 1200 pdf, so it is impossible to train each of them for different line.

Hope Uipath members understand my problem. I got stuck.

Hi @Mozammil_Rizwan_Bista ,

Could you try extracting the data using Read PDF Text Activity and share that with us so that we may be in a better position to assist you?

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Hi @Mozammil_Rizwan_Bista,

you can try using DU with Regex Extractor to get the tabular content or ML Extractor configured with Invoices Model.
Happy Coding…

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