Level 3 assignment working fine on my pc after uploading result is failed

my project is executing without error but after uploading to ui path academy level 3 assignment the result of evaluation is failed.

Are you refreshing the browser or resetting the data in acme site @varun5?

Check this

  1. Make sure All workitems processed succesfully.
  2. your email id in academy and Acme both should be same.
  3. once all the items are completed. Dont Reset the test Data

It is a bit hard to tell, but it looks like from your output that the value being entered into the hash generator has a couple of spaces that may need to be addressed. It looks like you have “RX80036- Nathan Jasik- Romania”. I think it should be “RX80036-Nathan Jasik-Romania”. The extra spaces may be generating the inccorrect hash code. This would show as completed correctly locally but would fail the evaluation process. Just a suggestion.