Element Exists find the element but the click activity isn't clicking

I’m using the same exact selector for the Element Exists and the Click activity. The Element Exists activity is working (I can see the mouse move to the element it is looking for) but the click activity isn’t actually clicking

@gianna.demetroulakos Can you maybe show us the Selectors of the Click Activity in UiExplorer ?

This is also the same exact selector for the Find Element activity

@gianna.demetroulakos Can you maybe also show the element and try using the original value instead of a variable in the selector and check if it works ?

It is trying to click on a task in the Microsoft Planner website. I am using a for each row activity where it is reading through a list of task names in Excel and then opening them up. The task name in Excel is stored in the TaskName variable

@gianna.demetroulakos Can you Indicate again for one of the task and check the selector for that Task ? There should be some other attributes as well along with app like title, Just to check, Can you Indicate the Element again and open it in UiExplorer ?

I have had to edit the selector like this so it is dynamic enough to work for the whole list of tasks names in Excel that it reads through

@gianna.demetroulakos Yes, I just wanted to check if it works when you hard code the value directly into aaname attribute instead of assigning a variable to it :sweat_smile:

Yes it does work when hard coded. Currently with the dynamic selector it works for the first task (it can find the element and clicks to open it) but for the second task name it does not work (it finds the element and he mouse moves over to where it should click but then it does not actually click). I get an error message saying the next task of assigning a due date was unable to be performed, so it is as if it thinks it has clicked to open the task but actually has not

@gianna.demetroulakos Have you enabled the Wait For Ready Property to Complete ? If not, Can you apply that and check. Also Just for Checking use a Delay activity, So that the Next Task gets the delay.

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