Issue in Date Picker control

Hi Team,
I am using Date Picker control for setting a date. But when I choose a date, it is saved as a date behind. For eg, if I select 23/02/2022, it’s stored/saved as 22/02/2022. How to store the correct date?

And also in table control, the date picker value is displayed like:
Thu Nov 24 2022 05:30:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
How to trim this to just 24/11/2022 or Nov 24 2022…? ,

Regarding your first query of data truncate by one day is a bug reason there is no datetime setting in control and still this save as Central time and when you save out of central time then date subtraction happen. This will get solve when browser will understand the date culture and all and this is known please find below trail.

Other query for date format → This is not supported OOB into Apps however you can do it by UiPath Process. I have create a document for it. please find same.

DateFormat_Apps.docx (259.4 KB)

Arvind Kumar

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