Date Picker Selecting Issue

When using the date picker, I’ve observed that selecting a date results in registering one day less. This discrepancy is attributed to the timezone. Interestingly, when loading a date that includes the time, the issue doesn’t persist. However, the date is written one day back when using the datepicker.


-Ensure that the time zone settings are consistent between the system where the date picker is used and the system where the date is processed or stored. Misconfigured time zones can lead to discrepancies in date representation.
-Check the date format used by the date picker and the system. Ensure that there is no ambiguity in the date format, especially if it includes time components. Consistent date formats help prevent misinterpretation.
-If you observe that the issue doesn’t persist when loading a date that includes the time, it’s possible that the time component is compensating for the discrepancy. You may consider including the time component in your date picker selections to maintain consistency.


@RS_App ,

This is known bug and seems we will get a fix asap.

We have created a bug for same and will work on it

Hi @RS_App Please help me with the answers for the below

  1. Is this a legacy app or vb app?
  2. Can you please let me know how you are adding a date with time?
  3. In what timezone you are facing the issue?
  4. The date selected in date picker is used within Apps or is it sent to Dataservice/Process?

@RS_App Can you please share the above details?
Also if you sending the data to entity, please let us know if the entity field type is date with time or without time?