Date Picker in Apps doesn't follow the system/Orchestrator timezone

Hi, we found some issues with the Date Picker, for most of them we were able to create a workaround, but that would be nice to see those issues fixed.

  1. Chosen date is different than the date saved to a variable.



  2. Date format isn’t right for the local time - mm/dd/yyyy instead of dd/mm/yyyy

  3. If you select the date in the field and delete it you will get 1/1/1970 instead of an empty field

Hi @Dawid_Buszko, thanks for the post! I’d be curious to know what your workarounds are if you have the time to share. I’ll address these individually:

  1. By default, DateTime values are stored in UTC (check out the documentation to learn more about process argument types). I’d recommend converting from UTC to your local/specific timezone as a part of your underlying process.
  2. I’ve logged this bug with the engineering team - once this is fixed I suspect you’ll need to update the Hint Text so users don’t get confused.
  3. This is a known issue and we’re actively working on a fix.
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HI @evan.cohen, has there been any update on this since March? These are fairly important bugs when it comes to dealing with dates in apps.