Date picker from APP is decreasing 1 day from picked date

Date picker from APP is decreasing 1 day from picked date.
I am talking about this date picker. If I want to send the selected date as an input argument to a process the date will be received by my process -1 day so I have to make sure to add 1 day to it to have the actual selected date.

csn you confirm if this is happening after the 2021.10 update?

However I’m able to select correctly

I can select correcty too but the value send further as an input argument to a process is not right.
I have this version on community: image

  1. Selected 19th of October

  2. Pressed blue button to invoke a process which sends the binded value


  3. See in logs that the date received by the process is - 1 day from the selected date

Have a check at the process. Meanwhile I’ll create a similar scenario and confirm if there’s some bug. Mostly it deems the process is doing something to the date

Apps sends datetime in UTC/GMT to the process. The process should not assume that it is a local time. Please convert it to localtime before processing the input arguments. You can convert to local time using ToLocalTime method.

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Yes, but the client is on different time zone that the unattended robot and your solution works if both client and unattended robot machine are using same timezone.

My solution was to always add one day.

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