How to repeat any activity in UI Path

Hi, i want to paste one excel data into multiple excels. How can i do that.

Im trying to combine data from different sources say 3 different excels and copy pasting into multiple excels but im able to paste into only 1 excels not sure where i went wrong, please help me on this

Thanks in advance


You can have all the excel files and it’s filepaths In a array of string variable
You can pass that array to FOR EACH activity and change the type argument as string in the property panel

Inside the loop you can write the value u want to each file l, as each file is passed to that loop as a array of filepath

Hope this helps

I would recommend to have a view on this loop concepts in UiPath for more insights

Cheers @praneeth.v.c

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  1. Use for each file in folder and then read range to get the data into datatable
  2. use merge datatable activity to merge all the data into single datatable
  3. Use write range to write the data back to a new single excel

Or while writing only you can use append range activity to write the data directly to aingle file instead of 3 files


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Use Filepaths In Array format give to input or use datatable activity to merge all Excel in one Excel File and use Write Range Activity to use write new Excel

Is it clarified @praneeth.v.c