Issue: Error opening workbook. If Excel is installed, run the ‘Repair Tool for Microsoft Office Interop’ from the Tools tab on the Home screen

Recently, there have been a lot of issues with the bots not being able to open Excel workbooks using the Excel scope activities. Usually, if you restart the bot, it runs fine but it is affecting multiple production bots sporadically.

Using the workbook activities is not the solution. Is there a recent windows/office update that’s causing it?

has it been addressed in the latest Excel packages? v2.10.4 and v2.11.4 have experienced this.

what about the scope?


Would you be able to share more details about the issue? Are you facing the same issue when running the workflow directly within Studio? When did the issue start?


Thanks for the response, @Raluca_Laic
On Client A - this started happening around september last year. This was the only client that started having issues after having bots in production for a while. We repaired, uninstalled/reinstalled 32/64-bit but nothing changed. Still had this error popup occasionally:

For the time being, we replaced all activities with the workbook activities, since this was the only environment having this problem. No issues since.

Now Client B has started showing the same errors - since December 2022. Again, the bots have never had this issue, no dependencies changed, so i can only think that it’s something to do with MS Office updates.

I personally haven’t been able to recreate it running manually or from studio. Restarting the bot from Orch also runs fine.

Are there any best practices? All i can think of is adding retry scope around Excel scope and try to keep the workbooks open wherever possible, but some redundancy on the activity itself would be ideal.

Is this on Classic or Modern Excel? If it’s on Modern, you can use an Excel Process Scope to control some of the settings. I’d look at:

  • Launch method and making sure it’s on Application
  • Process mode would be a good idea to check as well - does the workflow have multiple files being opened and should we look into handling this better

I’ve shared a link to our documentation surrounding Excel Process Scopes

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