Error Opening Workbook. Make sure excel is installed - Urgent assistance needed

I have been looking for a solution on this error in UiPath forums but no solutions offered so far, except to change the activity type to Workbook Activity (Which works);

All my .xaml files that have Excel sheet scope of activities are all of a sudden faulty (2 years of work :frowning: ), and making me look bad in front of my clients. I cannot go changing all of them to Workbook Activities at all my client sites. Can anyone assist with this please?

Software specs below;
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
Office Version : Office Pro 2013
UiPath Version: Studio Pro 2020.4.1 beta

Initial UiPath Excel Activities how it looked and still got an error;

Then updated the Activities;

I’m running 64 bit Microsoft Office.

Hi @technix

Is Excel updated on all of the machines? We have noticed that if our Office is out-of-date we battle with errors.

Also, I would suggest, in the future, to start moving over to the Workbook Activity. It works a lot better and faster. We use it as a “best practice” guideline in our environment. We also had to and still are going through the refractor process. It’s worth it in the long run.

Imagine getting a bot to do it for you :yum::wink:

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Thanks for the insights @Jacqui_M

I actually downgraded from 2016 to 2013, then problems started :sweat_smile:
From now on, I’ll be using Workbook activities as “best practice” in all my projects.

Ah I see. My guess is that it is the latest version of 2013 though, right?

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How about updating to version 2.8.5?
I’m using office 2013 and UiPath.excel.Activities v2.8.5 but no problem.


I’ve had to just migrate to Workbook activities. Gave me a peace of mind, and the quickest fix. :man_office_worker:

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