Issue about Activity timeout exceeded

i found this (On Element Appear ‘DirectUIHWND’: Activity timeout exceeded)type of error when i run second time. if you have found same type of problem during solving assignment 2 . then please help me out.
i also use RepeatForever = false but it did not work for me


This type of error is generally occurred when the selector is not found.

Please try making the selector more precise.

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As @hacky said this error occurs when the element is not found in the UI by the bot
—the resolution can be like
—increase the timeout property to 60000
—set the WaitForReady property as COMPLETE
—set RepeatForever as False
—Enable waitactive

Use ON IMAGE APPEAR activity and try once

Cheers @netri

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I tried both the thing but it did not work

May i know the process so that we can come up with other activities that can be used