Is this true?

Someone on Facebook posted this picture and soliciting others to pay him for a course stating that UiPath is going to be charging $200 for Certification after the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted. He even states it is official. Is this true?

Certification is free until April 30th (see post below). After that, the rate is going to be $200 USD for the examination. UiPath courses are now being offered in Universities, and it’s unfair that people can get certified for free, while others are paying for classes. Therefore, it will not be free forever.

However, as for paying this person $200 now, that sounds like a scam.

I agree it can’t be free for ever. But this person on facebook is claiming that after COVID-19 lockdown is lifted, UiPath is going to be charging for the certification and that the amount is $200. Is that part true? The part where he is relating to the COVID-19 crisis? Has UiPath announced that?

Dont worry they will extend!

I have not seen an official announcement of this, though they may extend the deadline. There is a grey area on when the lockdown is considered “lifted”, since policies vary between nations. Just in case, I recommend attempting the exam by the end of this month regardless.

To Pradeep’s point, I think it’s likely that they will extend the deadline.

@savantsa, it has nothing to do with lockdown. Since long they announced that certification is free till 30 April 2020. For official announcement pls refer below link.

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Exactly my point too. There was no official announcement from UiPath related to COVID19 lockdown or anything like that related to certification.

Yes, for all intents and purposes, the last day this will be free is April 30th. While they may extend the deadline, no official announcement has been made by UiPath.

Either way, I recommend getting through as much training as possible, and at least attempting the test once by the end of the month. You’ll have 2 more tries on each part of the exam anyway, and why not make the attempt now and avoid the risk of being too late to take it for free.

Guys I don’t think deadline will extend. It will free till end of this month and after that we have to pay $200.

Please refer below official link:


Is it real .?

@Siva_Murthy, please refer given link. In addition to that, today morning I post following topic on Forum, which is approved by forum member.


In the above link there has been separte exams page do we separately attempt exam .?

There will be two categories now.

General Track is for anyone who works with the UiPath RPA platform and requires strong foundational technical knowledge and skills.

RPA Developer Track assesses deeper-level expertise in designing and developing complex RPA solutions.

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Ok thanks for your clarification


We have launched a new Certification program – UiPath Certified Professional or UCP. The program is live now. The legacy/online free certification is still available until 30th of April. The new program - UCP - is fully proctored and secure. We want to ensure that only those with genuine knowledge and experience get rewarded with a credible, high-stakes Certification. It has not been possible to identify those who got certified in online, un-proctored tests by finding answers rather than studying and preparing.

We have partnered with Pearson VUE and other major companies to deliver proctored exams, continuously monitor internet for any signs of cheating or stealing as well as managing privacy and transcripts of Certified professionals.

We have kept the fee to a minimum. Please visit RPA Certification Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath for details of the framework, policies, exam fees as well as to take free-online practice tests and book your proctored exams at one of 6000+ testing centers or remotely in an online-proctored environment.



Hi Andreea,

Do we get 3 chances to pass the new UiPath Advanced Developer certification exam, like it was with legacy certification exam. Do we have to pay $200 for each attempt? Could you please suggest a mock test or sample test site to practice to see what to expect in the exam for preparation.


Dear @Diwakar_Mahanti,

If you do not pass an exam on your first attempt, you must wait two (2) weeks to retake the exam. For your third and subsequent attempts, you must wait at least one (1) month between each exam retake. Please note that for every attempt, you will be required to pay the applicable exam fee. The practice test links are available on the certification home page, in step 3 of the Certification path.

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