Is there way to change the amout that robot scrolls from the end of page


I have problem that my robot scrolls too much on the page. I have Always shown navigation on the upper section of the page and page contains large table that needs to scroll down and check found values (check boxes on each row). The problem is when the robot gets to the end of the page it scrolls so much that the last element is first of the page and it hides behind the navigation and robot accidentially hits the navigation bar and then the progress stops. Now i have build it that way that it presses always down when it finds the check element, but it should’t do it always because it doesn’t need to scroll it all the time when elements are already visible.

So the question is: Is there any way to make the scrolling amount smaller? Or that it wont scroll to so much that the last point (where robot was) is the point that is first of the page… or is there any work around of this.

The web based program’s fixed navigation bar is about 77px so it hids the start of the page really well.

I fixed this using send window message so it wont scroll automatically. Then i just needed to do way that it will scroll when the element isn’t shown.