During Automation Web Page Becomes Distorted and Parts Disappear

How to resolve when during Automation, web page becomes distorted and parts of the web page disappear ?

Issue Description: When the Robot tries to select an element on a browser, the web page becomes distorted and parts of it disappear.

When the Robot has to scroll to interact with an element on a web page parts of the web page disappear and can no longer be seen.

For example, before the Robot interacts with the web page it might look something like:

Notice that the above image does not have scroll bar on the right side of the window.
After the Robot interacts with the page it looks like:
These are two screenshots of the same webpage and as can be seen parts of the web are no longer visible and the page looks entirely different. Additionally, there is no scroll bar that allows us to return to the missing parts of the page.

The proper solution to this is to fix the webpage so that scrolling is enabled. If this is not an option, see the workaround section below.

Workaround Solution A:
To bring the original part of the website back into focus, try to interact with one of the elements that was originally visible. The Robot will scroll back to that element.
Workaround Solution B:
If solution A does not work, try zooming out on the browser before interacting with it.