Unable to Close Message Box Automatically



Hi Dear Experts,
In Run time, my mEssage box window is not getting close Automatically,
Even though i used Click & Hot key Commands.

Flow is:
Created Message Box -> Captured OK button “Selector” of the Message box .
Created Click -> Pasted the above Selector in that.

But in Run time - it is not finding the Message box selector.

I also tried to supply hotkey - that time also it is not finding the Message box window.

please help…


Refer and try this @Pavan_Kodali,


@Pavan_Kodali May be as a work around, you can also try this custom activity.

Rammohan B.


Thanks Rammohan.

It was an Excellent Response which i never Expect.

Its Awesome - It is it.

If possible,

Please let me know how you got this kind of Information.

Thanks a lot for all your Help & Support…

Have a Successful day.


Kodali Pavan.


Hi @Pavan_Kodali,

As @Rammohan91 mentioned in the above post, you can refer https://gallery.uipath.com/ for custom activities and packages.

Saranya K R