How to close the message box automatically



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after checking the status of the service i used the message box to show the user that service is running or not. But i want to close that message box window automatically rather than user click "ok or “enter”

Please help me out.

(sort-of-tutorial-ette) Message Box w/time out, access TextInfo items


Try to build another independent workflow that runs together and check if the message box appears. If appears, click on ok. If not, still checking (looping/imageExists). Maybe someone can give you a better solution but it’s the only way I can think right now haha

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my concern is to not to click on “ok” manually i want message box disappear after showing the text.


There is no way to close message box without clicking on ‘Ok’ button. So my ideia is to run a parallel robot that clicks on the ‘Ok’ button automatically.



I agree with @Lucas.Pimenta (not totally with 2nd robot idea)

Is it ok if you show those messages in command prompt than in a message box.


You may try Callout activity
See here:


'Invoke Workflow' Activity - display output on screen

Didn’t know Callout is used as Pop up activity…Thanks!


haha thanks but why’d i wants to show the msg in “CMD” when i can use “WriteLine” Activity which is convenient rather than showing black screen in middle of the workflow.

The solution is "Callout Activity . thanks to @adrian.:+1:


the best solution . Thanks a lot @adrian .


don’t know how you run the parallel bots in UIPATH Studio free version. Don’t you think its complex workflow for a simple requirement ,where i can use “Callout” activity rather than some other way around .
@adrian thanks mate again.


As I said before, It was my best idea for the moment. I didn’t knew the Callout Message Activity until now. I was just trying to help with my current knowledge.

Anyway, thanks a lot Adrian to give us a best solution :wink:



I had similar issue. I did with Powershell command, its just one line command which displays message box and auto closes as per the parameter passed.


do you mind sharing the script and activity used to achieve this.


As of now, I don’t have script. But I do know that you need to pass a command using “Invoke Powershell” activity. Below is the command which I passed

“(New-Object -ComObject”

Unable to Close Message Box Automatically

hi @ddpadil i am getting pop up message few times consistent data capture ,I want to close only those times, any suggestion



You could make use of image exist/element exist then validate the condition and perform the click action OR On element appear or On image appear to click on the pop up.



hello @ddpadil I tried clicking messagebox is below the right way…??



Hello All,

(How to close the message box automatically)

How to give message box output variable as Callout variable. message box output field didn’t allow to enter Callout variable. even though we tried to covert Callout variable to to-string, it is not allowing… kindly can someone help me if possible… Please guide us by step by step procedure, it would be really helpful for noobs like me :slight_smile:



I also need to understand how Callout Activity can be used. Kindly help with an example.



I am trying to read each row data from a data table and before put the values into the application , just want to display the data for few seconds , so that user can verify.
Now instead of using Log message, want to use the callout activity. so can anyone help how to use the callout activity.