Shortcut keys for most used activities like 'Write Line','Assign','log' and more

If we have shortcut keys for some activity it will helps us to work more efficient with Keyboard.
instead of dragging same activity we could use key to place activity.

Just a thought:
You can add it to Favorites and easily access the activities instead of memorizing the keyboard shortcuts. I don’t think it will be time consuming to drag the activities from the Favorites.

Karthik Byggari

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Yes, As @KarthikByggari said, rather memorizing all the keyboard shortcuts i feel drag activities from favorites is more easier way.


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@KarthikByggari and @ksrinu070184 you both are right that we can add activity to Favorites and drag down to use. And i’m not asking to add shortcut to all activity but to those we used most.
i felt that it will help.
Anyway it was just case i found for me.

Thank you.

I agree with @mitesh_parmar
shortcut like Ctrl+1,Ctrl+2 etc will be faster than dragging>dropping the activities. In my case I even have to click on Activity pane as well, as I always keep it hidden when not needed so that I can have bigger area to see my workflow

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Hi @mitesh_parmar

It is now doable with the command palette, see here :slight_smile:

You can open the activity adding menu with Ctrl+Shift+T :slight_smile:

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