Is there any limit on queues that can be added in orchestrator?

Hi All,

Just want to know -

  1. Is there any limit on queues that can be added in orchestrator ?
  2. And how many number of processes can be published in orchestrator ?

Any limit set by UiPath ?


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Hello @shradha.joshi

there are no limitations set by UiPath for the queue count and number of process.
But if you need to execute using multiple bots, then you will have to procure license for the robots.

ok. Thanks for quick reply.

Do you know in community edition how many unattended and attended bots we can have ?

@shradha.joshi You can find all the licensing details in the below doc.

Is there any impact on performance if the number of queues are e.g 200 or more and with more number of processes are published like 300 or more ?

We have design which may have multiple queues having multiple processes which will be exexuted by triggers set on queues with multiple bots like 4 bots parallely .

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As per my understanding, it will not impact. But the 4 bots should have the bandwidth to work on all these queues which are creating.

hi @shradha.joshi
There is no any limit of creating Queues neither processors

But using More Queues and Processors will be impacted on to your APP and DB servers ,
If you are running UiPath ON-Perm , Definitely you have to increase your hardware performance to process it smoother,

In addition that Advanced DB maintenance should be going on periodically

according to your question ,

That performance only will be impacted to your transaction time line ,

if you have 200 Process and you may able to run it through 4 bots , pls consider the finishing time line , I don’t think its suite (You have to add more bots)

Advance Bot performance and anilities can be provide my self if need by enterprise level, Let me know if need any help

Thanks , Sure , I will contact you in case I need any help regarding this .

Right now we are in POC state and using community eiition so we can not scale too much on this setup.

However in future , when we upgrade to enterprise license , We might need the help.

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@shradha.joshi ,
No issue , will help you any time ,

In addition that if you have 200 processors means its huge , make sure to manage it well :innocent:

Processes logic will be written once and they will be published on orchestrator Then the execution will be done by bots on target application on trigger .

If there is no change in target application , there will be no need to take care of this once the whole setup is in place, right ?

This is our assumption right now .

Do you see any potantial issues in this design which we are thinking ?

Any suggestion/update from your side?

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hopefully everything will be ok , let us know any help needed we are always here to help u

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