Maximum number of pending jobs



  • Orchestrator version 2020.10.7
  • 2 Unattended Robots
  • Execute with Time-Trigger
  • Execution Target is “Allocate dynamically”.

For example, if 4 processes are started at the same time by a time trigger, the 2 processes will be executed immediately by the 2 robots.
The remaining 2 processes are “pending” and I think they will run in sequence after the previously run process has finished.

Is there a limit to the number of processes that are “pending” and can be queued for execution?


You can check as below for your reference

Hope this may help you


I think this is an explanation of “Queue-Trigger”…

For example, I want to create 100 time triggers to be executed at the same time for 100 different processes.

I think 100 processes will be executed one by one.
Is there a limit to the number that can be started at the same time?