Is there any feature to restrict download of an attachment from Outlook?

Hi All

We are getting some error when Bot tries to download an attachment from Outlook when the filename is too lengthy.

But I tried the same in some other machine, there it is not throwing any error, its just skipping that particular file and moving to other files and downloading.

So is there any setting in Outlook or Windows ?

Hello @kkpatel

Can you please share the error that you are getting? Also the properties set for the activity.

Save Attachments : Cannot save the attachment because the path is too long.

This is a Windows thing, not a UiPath thing.

Yes its not UiPath issue.

Checked the above link. But that change is not allowed for us in the machine.

Then you need to shorten your paths by using fewer subfolders, shorter names, etc.

Yes that’s the only option.

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