Unable to download 15 attachments from outlook

Hi All,

I have to download 15 attachments from outlook. But my bot is able to download only 5. How to solve this . Is there any limitation for the number of attachments for download or the storage e.g.,MB etc in uipath? Please suggest.


Hi , there is no limitation for downloads in Uipath
Are you using 'Save attachment ’ activity ?

yes. I am using the save attachment activity.

Please check if any mail is having multiple attachments
Then it will come into list
In this case use for each of loop to iterate through the list

I have already done that. I am filtering the mail according to the subject line . And when the mail is filtered then bot will find the attachments there . There are 15 attachments but the bot is downloading only the first 5 attachments whereas it needs to download all the 15 attachments.

Then Please check the filter condition
Whether any case sensitive or spaces mismatches , the mails may not be passing through the filter
Inside for each loop , Use write line activity with item.subject
Then you will know how many mails are passing through filter

i did that. The correct mail is getting filtered. the only problem is in downloading all the attachments that i have stated previously.